Refund Policy

  • Students will be eligible for a full refund of Postsecondary Career/Technical Education tuition and fees if the student is withdrawn within 5 days of the class start date.
  • Students will be eligible for a full refund of Adult General Education tuition, test fees and ID fees prior to the start of the AGE class or if the student never attends the class.
  • Students will be eligible for a partial refund of Postsecondary Career/Technical Education tuition fees up to 5 days after the class start date. The partial refund amount will be equivalent to the total of class hours not attended. There will be no partial refund of Adult General Education fees.
  • Partial payments made for Postsecondary Career/Technical classes are NON-Refundable after the start of class.
  • Students will be eligible for a refund of fees for Postsecondary Career/Technical Education courses less than three (3) weeks or ninety (90) hours in duration if the request for withdrawal is made prior to the second course meeting.
  • A student is entitled to a full or partial refund of tuition fees if a course is cancelled by the school principal or designee.
  • Refunds when due, can be made without a request from a student. The refund must be made within forty-five days of the student’s withdrawal date.
  • The Application for refund by Check/Credit (Form-2057, 08-14) must be completed and approved for all eligible refunds.
  • Students withdrawn for disciplinary reasons pursuant to the Adult Student Code of Conduct are not entitled to a refund of any tuition and fees.
  • In cases of unusual or extraordinary circumstances (such as illness, death in family, etc.) that prevent a student from attending class, the school principal/designee may honor a request for full or partial refund of fees provided that:
    • the request from the student is made in writing (does not apply to students enrolled in a COE accredited CTE program);
    • and when appropriate, supporting documentation should be provided;

If the refund results in a failure to satisfy State fee requirements, the student shall not be reported for membership during the Workforce Education Fund survey period in the course for which the refund was given.

  • Students who withdraw from their program while receiving Title IV (Pell Grant) funds, will receive a refund based on the Federal post-withdrawal calculation formula. For additional information, see the Financial Aid Office.
  • When a students’ fees are subsidized by an agency and the student withdraws, the agency can submit a written request for refund only if the student’s hours of attendance are less than 50% of the course scheduled hours.

Veterans Refund Policy

View the VA Catalog for additional information on Veterans Refund Policy.